While our company’s roots are in traditional signage, we’re constantly evolving our product offering to include the most advanced signage products on the market. Digital Signage is one of the most exciting and rapid growing segments of the signage industry. With the ability to advertise and market directly to your customers, there’s nothing more dynamic and impactful than one of these 24/7 money making machines.


With virtually all LED displays being manufactured in China, it can be very difficult to navigate the vast array of choices available to the North American Market. After extensive research, and actual inspections of manufacturing facilities in China, we carefully selected an established manufacturer that we could partner with and that fell in line with our values - high quality control standards, excellent working conditions for it’s employees, and, of course, competitive pricing. We have done our due diligence and we are fully confident in putting our name behind our LED Display products.

Unlike many other companies that only sell the LED boards, we provide the whole package – we have the experience and expertise to help you choose the right LED product and all of our traditional signage services to go along with it – you can count on us to take you from initial design to permit acquisition, through to the CSA certified manufacturing of the structure and signage that goes along with your display, and finally to the installation and ongoing support and service that is so critical to ensuring the success of your digital sign.

This type of signage is sometimes considered out of reach to many customers because of it’s cost. With National Neon’s competitive in-house leasing and rental packages we can help make an LED digital display an affordable option that fits into many small business’s marketing budget. 

Whatever your needs, whether indoor or outdoor, static or video, temporary or permanent – we have the expertise and products to make an LED display a realistic option for your business.


VERSATiles™ LED Display System

It’s remarkable how far some of these products have come over the years and we’d love to walk you through the latest options. One product that we’re particularly excited about is the VERSATiles™ LED Display System. This ultra-slim, innovative LED unit is the newest concept in indoor/outdoor digital displays and is surprisingly affordable. It’s modular nature gives you the ability to customize your display in limitless ways and makes assembly and installation a breeze. Since this product is so easy to install it’s ideal for short term executions like concerts, sporting events or grand openings.

Because this exclusive product is stocked in our warehouse, your sign can be installed in as little as two weeks!